Manufacturing in today’s world is extremely fast paced and relentless. Turnaround times are forever being scrutinised as new methods of production and state of the art pieces of machinery are constantly being introduced into the market. Along with cost, the ability to track manufacturing processes in real time is at the forefront of priorities for successful manufacturers.

Real time tracking has an array of uses and is imperative to the running of an efficient business. Spotting problems early on the shop floor can be the difference between keeping a customer happy and losing them to a competitor. When it comes to tracking jobs on the shop floor, MIE Solutions offer two different types of Shop Floor Data Capture (SFDC). This information is fed back into the office and is live by the second, meaning that you can give the customer chasing their parts and exact answer to where they are up to.

The first option we offer is the bar-coding. Bar-coding consists of a keypad and gun set that is used to scan on and off jobs using a barcode. It also includes features such as moving stock between locations, clocking in and out for the day, and also issuing materials to jobs.

The second option we offer is our Kiosk option. Kiosk is PC, touch screen and tablet driven. It has all of the features included in bar-coding, plus a whole lot more! This option allows two way communication meaning that workers on the shop floor are able to relay information back to the office in the form of messages, engineering change requests and even purchase order requests. With Kiosk being completely software driven, it can also be used as a tracking system for jobs that are carried out on site. That, with the combination of being able to issue materials means that your serviceman can arrive at a job with a van full of materials and issue them there and then as they go. Kiosk is geared to function in a completely paperless environment. Whether any company will ever go completely paperless is a tough question, but by having the ability to view drawings and work to lists through the system, it is definitely no longer just a dream.

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