Picture this, you’re the production manager for a successful manufacturing company that has seen growth each year, you cannot move for all your machines, staff and stock, you’re outgrowing your factory.  You cannot justify moving as your reports are showing another story.

It’s another day on the production line and your machine is scheduled for a maintenance check, you haven’t got time, your production board is filled to the brim, management want your weekly figures and then it happens, your main machine has broken down.  Everything grinds to a halt, the whole factory goes quiet.  By the end of the day you know your customers are going to be screaming for their promised orders, by the end of the week your customers will go elsewhere.  All your deadlines promised will now have to be rescheduled.  Customer services are going to spend the next days deflecting calls.  You yell at someone, and shut yourself away into your office you make the call to maintenance-now you wait hoping that your machine will be back up and running within the 24 hours as promised.