Here at MIE we are strong believers in investing in the future and playing a part in creating the workforce of tomorrow. Apprenticeships have a large part to play in MIE’s success as the company has benefitted as well as the employees themselves.

Why do MIE invest so heavily in apprentices? Apprentices are the future of our world and therefore potentially the future of MIE. In today’s media, a lot of emphasis is put on the unemployment rate and lack of opportunities for youngsters. As a successful company, we feel we are in a position and therefore have a moral obligation to give them a chance. We were all once in their shoes and would probably not be in the positions we are if we were not once given a chance. The other thing to remember is that you are dealing with people who are at the beginning of their working life and are ready to learn. This enables you, as a company, to mould them and teach them the way you wish for them to work and the morals you abide by. At this early stage, they have not been susceptible to years of exposure of different ways (and potentially wrong ways) of doing things.

Where do we see our apprentices further down the line? It is hard to say for sure but we definitely do not see ourselves as an “apprentice farm” that is designed to initially mould youngsters and then pass them on. Since the start of our apprenticeship scheme in July 2013, we have had two of our apprenticeships come on board under full employment, and currently have two more still contracted under the apprenticeship scheme. Our apprenticeship to full time employment rate stands at 100% meaning that from a business point alone, the time and effort put into the next generation has not been wasted. Business a side, our Directors, Sam and Chris, feel a sense of pride when they see a young and inexperienced apprentice blossom into a fully independent and responsible adult.

Who do MIE deal with when it comes to apprenticeships? MIE deal with a company called LMPQ. They have offices based in Birmingham and Worcester and cover the surrounding area. If you would like to find out more about LMPQ and how they can help your company with apprenticeships then you can go to their website –

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