There are two common misinterpretations when it comes to purchasing MRP/production control software in today’s market. The first is that it is seen as a huge upfront cost that offers very little immediate return. The second is that these systems are often associated with only being suited to large companies turning over tens of millions a year. The reality is actually quite different and we believe the real question is – Can you afford NOT to have an MRP/production control system in place?

The way we see it is like this; MRP/production control systems are an investment, not just a cost. Investments are referred to as items that make you money overtime. For example, that nice new press break or CNC machine that you have recently purchased is an investment, as overtime it will pay back its worth tenfold. The same applies to an MRP/production control system. We have put together our top five bullet points as to why you should see the purchase of an MRP/production control system as an investment and not just a cost;

  • How much is that part actually costing you to make? This is a common question that, believe it or not, a lot of companies lose control of and cannot give a precise answer to. Long gone are the days of manually working out how long and how much that part took to make. For parts that are made time and time again, our system builds a historical log of how long it took and how much it cost. We are able to alert you immediately if a job is costing you money and then pinpoint where the loss is coming from.
  • Spreadsheets and the manual entry of data are susceptible to human errors. Errors cost businesses money. MIETrak can help eliminate this by eradicating double entry and even by making the entire process ‘human entry’ free. This in itself saves time, and as we all know, time = money.
  • Probably one of the most common questions asked within the manufacturing industry – “When can that job be ready by?”. MIETrak has full scheduling capabilities and allows you to run various schedules to suit your specific needs. The system also allows you to schedule in quotes – so you can give your customer a realistic delivery date before the order has been placed. With the real time shop floor data capture, you can keep tabs on where jobs are up to and then act on them accordingly.
  • Purchasing power. The more we can buy at once, the cheaper we can get it for. It’s always hard to get the three way balance of having enough stock to cover your WIP, not having too much stock that you haven’t got room for, and having the purchasing power to get the most for your money. MIETrak allows users to run the MRP which takes into account your job requirements and maximum on hand figures. The system can handle multiple quantity prices per supplier and also report back on expenditure – meaning that you can easily see if you are approaching that dreaded credit limit. The supplier RFQ allows you to send out request for quotes to your chosen suppliers, who receive an email with your request, and then they simply fill in the request and send it back. Once received, the quotes automatically populate back in MIETrak and can then be compared with other supplier’s quotes.
  • It’s an investment in us. Our support team are with you every step of the way. We are very proud of our support team and the expertise we offer. Implementing a brand new system is not going to happen overnight, and so the people guiding you through every step of the way need to be competent and professional. We do not charge for new releases and we base our developments on customer feedback.

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