Following strict procedures and process flows are vital when your company is required to keep in line with certain accreditations. Even the most common and recognised accreditations, such as ISO9001 and AS9100, demand strict compliance on certain areas of quality. A lot of accreditations are written based around ERP/MRP systems, so certain aspects should be considered when choosing a system in the first place.

– FAIR’s (First Article Inspection Report) Items. So you have taken on a bespoke job but the first item of the batch requires a First Article Inspection Report. The main purpose for a First Article Inspection Report is to provide objective evidence that all engineering design and specification requirements are properly understood, accounted for, verified and documented. A common practice is to compare the dimensions of the item against that of the drawing to ensure that once in mass production; the item is made correctly to the given specification. Having the ability to distinguish and flag FAIR’s items is a must.

– Contract Review. Sometimes the reasons for Contract Reviews and FAIR’s cross over slightly but they can be distinguished by a simple difference. Whereas FAIR’s only relate to the item itself, Contract Reviews look at the bigger picture. They are generally a set of questions that must be followed through and that document other aspects of the sale, including things such as the legalities. Having the ability to create your own templates and force them is paramount as every company will have their own unique criteria.

– Inspection. The ability to log inspections is key and is prominent throughout many processes. Abiding by and keeping a log of dimensional tolerances as an item progresses through the manufacturing process, especially for intricate parts that have a very low variable range, can be very important. Inspection can also be of paramount importance when receiving goods in. Features such as having the ability to log 100% inspection; the process of logging whether each individual item has been accepted or rejected on receipt, should be something that is considered.

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